T5 Pipe

I have just bought a Vespa t5 after having Lambys for 8 years.
I wanted a litlle more performance that standard so have orderd the Malossi 172 kit. Now, having read various entries on this site i have no idea which pipe to fit. The new SIP( longer ) pipe, the Scorpian, PM ,Taffspeed, or anyother. I dont want to do much else to the engine, maybe a corsa clutch and just want it to cruise at around 70ish. Some advice on this would be greatly appresiated.
Also what is the best way to lower the front end by a few inches, would a PK Bitubo ( i think they are shorter ) fit.
Sorry to rabbit on but i hav ejust found this bulliten board and hope it will save me some time and money.

Hello Andy-s
I would go for a scorpion from TWE, £200 incl delivery and 1 years guarantee with a guarantee of performance. I have tried LEOVINCI,SIMONINI and SIP the best for me on a 172 is the Scorpion.

I had a old taffy pipe which I replaced with a SIP early version!which was crap!bought a newer taffy pipe from a scooter jumble and now happy!!!
The set up I use suited the pipe as had tuned it for the old pipe.
main things are to open the casees to suit the kit, I never opened the crankcase induction but flowed the carb box and carb.
most people put the cosa later clutch in with 21 clutch teeth,but I just put in a p2 fouth as I wanted to ride two up a lot,also you must get your head profiled to suit the kit. most scooter shops do this quite cheap chieselspeed did mine about £15.
good oil then trash everywhere ;D
sorry dont know about the shock,you could get drops! or a lower profile tyre.
good luck

BUT A SHIT TO FIT[:angry:]