T5 not starting very well when hot

Hi just been on clacton ride out today scooter goes ok idles ok when i stop it takes 3 to 4 kicks to get started again starts first kick from cold most times why would this happen thaks Gary

kit only done bout 1000 miles

Yes that seem s most likely if the kit is pretty new.

Hi gaz,
I would control the spark plug and check the stator plate first if the problem arrives when the engine is hot. Otherwise I would clean the carb and the filter.

Worn rings and or piston can also cause this.

i used to have the same problem first of all it was when i stopped and did not turn the petrol tap off sound weired but soon as i stop now and turn the tao off when i come back it starts within the first 2 kicks…

Its the fuel consumtion also high ? Probably time to change the floater needle.