T5 non-starter!

took my T5 to woolly and back no problem, just on stopover the following day took ages to start, all i got was spit and fart. Plug looked well wet so I’m guessing its rich. put in new plug and no problems for next 300 miles. Not touched it since.
today same thing, spits and farts after 15 to 20 kicks. occaisionally picks up for a few revs then dies.
Cleaned me jets, tried 2 fresh plugs but just won’t run. any ideas?
I’m thinking maybe my pilot jet is too big but before i go and change it (I don’t have one smaller) just wondered if it could be owt else?

It’s kitted and has been great for 1700 miles so far and always been a bit rich.

I know it sounds daft, but change the spark plug cap, and try as I had a dodgy one that kept eating plugs,fine one day then nothing when I come to restart, if not then try a diffrent coil,

also, plug is sparking each time and spark is orange if that has any relevance at all.

Well I took my time about it but finally got spark sorted, it ended up being a wire burnt out on the stator, had it totally rewired and spark is cracking now.

However since I’ve got it running again it’s got a fuel or jetting problem. It was fine prior to this, but now when opening throttle it’s fine unles i try to thrash it at which point it virtually stalls, most likely fuel starvation. I’ve cleaned and re-cleaned carb, shortened fuel pipe and cleaned out the tank.

Only thing I can think of to do is give it a bigger main jet, but I don’t understand why after running fine it before it would now need it? Have I missed something else out?

I’m totally baffled…

F*ck me, I’m off back to school! Me pilot jet was too big so it was flooding doh! Couple that with a leaky fuel tap and no wonder it wasn’t runnin right.

Knocked it down from a 65 to a 55, put on a new fuel tap and it’s all spot on.

Cheers for the help chaps…[:D]

Id recheck the carb but focus on the float and float needle. Jetting doesnt change overnight, and if it feels like starvation then a sticky needle will cause this. good luck. Conversly as an afterthought check the float for leaks (bowl of hot water, see if any bubbles come out as the air expands) as this may cause flooding via atomiser/ main when lifting the needle to max height, but would expect near impossible starting (previous fault) and overflow from the outlets/ petrol out the exhaust as first indication.