T5 mudguard Art. No.?

Does anyone know the article number for the T5 mudguard/fender( standard metal) ?
I can’t access pages 2-6 of the products page on sip’s website.
Cheers Grimesy

Hi Breezer,
One more question or two.
How much was your postage to the UK?
Did you have to complete a minimun order?
Cheers Paul

Hi Jim,
Thanks for replying. I did manage to access the site via the search engine. And then started shopping ,I only wanted the Mudguard, but was told online that I needed a minimum order of $100 , so I reluctuntanly kept on going ordering everything from adjustable alloy levers to dust caps and even a SIP sticker.
Postage Rates to my home in Thailand were $116.
To add insult to injury my Thai credit card ,with a limit of $2000 is no f*#&ing good outside of Thailand. So, I emailed my mum and she’ ordered it from Beedspeed.
P.s. I’m glad you like it.

standard steel t5 mudguard no is: 75060000

got one myself a couple of weeks ago, very happy with it, genuine piaggio as well!!!



Yeah, had to complete minimum order of 100euros. Can’t remember what the postage was, somthing like £16 for the slow / standard delivery - took about a week. Can’t fault the service though…

take it easy