T5 motor in a 50 special chassis

Hi guys! i’m now starting to think in my 2004 project [[:O]] !
…and what about a T5 motor in a 50 Special chassis?? is it possible or just in dreams? All this 'cause I’ve a 50 special tuned chassis without motor and a T5 with a chassis that seems like shit but with a very good motor!
I would like you to give me some tips if possible!

best regards

Mauro AR Vieira

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I have been building scooters for about 6 years and just about everyone i have ever had is 50 special with a big frame motor.
Very simple to do, it can be done in just a few easy steps:

Step 1: Drill out the holes in the frame that the engine bolt goes through to the diameter of the large frame engine bolt.

Step 2: Cut off the engine side panel, if you don’t the engine won’t fit.

Step 3: Inside the 50 special engine bay, next to where the carb manifold goes through, there is a piece of metal that has to be flattened out, do that or you won’t have clearance for the cylinder head.

Step 4: Now in the engine bay you can more or less see the shape of the small frame motor cylinder. In that hole drill 3 hole side by side, first for the throttle cable, second for the electrics, thrid for the fuel pipe. you can’t put the fuel pipe through the hole where the carb manifold used to be as it will not gravity feed if you do.

Step 5: The rear shocker has to be made more upright so that it doesn’t hit off the clutch casing and so as to raise the angle of the engine so that there is clearance for the carb box lid. This is easily done by taking flat bar of tempered steel about 4mm thick and 25mm wide. it has to be about 75mm long. once you have it cut to length, drill two holes in it, the centre of each one being around 15mm from the edge of the bar at either end. bolt this to the top of you shocker and then bolt it into the frame. thats the shocker done.

Step 6: Carefully measure and mark the main engine mount for cutting, you have to cut between 8 and 9mm off either end of the main mount.

Step 7: Slot your engine in and connect it up.

thats it!! as simple as that. good luck!!

you will love it, i had one with a t5 motor and it was very fast!! not quite as good as my 210 that i have now though, it’s in a 50 special as well.
Email me on [email protected] if you have any problems.

cheers mate

Hi mate
I`ve seen a smallframe with a px 200 engine in it,you have to narrow the front engine mount but otherwise it seems to fit o.k.,the only down side is the handling [a smallframes best point] the larger engine sticks out to the right hand side putting the scooter out of balance,o.k for straight line racing,but not sure for rapid cornering [how about fitting a tweaked p.k.135cc engine]

Hi again mate!!

If you read my email you will se that i put that you should remove between 8 and 9 MM from either side of the mount.
The surest way to make sure that you engine will be a snug fit is to take your T5 motor out of the frame and measure the mount, now be sure to measure from one end of the inner steel tube to the other and not just the alloy casing.
then measure the space for the engine mount in the 50 special frame from the inner edges of the frame.
now that you have these two numbers simply take one away from the other and half it. that gives you exactly the amount that has to be removed from YOUR engine to fit YOUR frame as they are all different.

Good luck again!![:dance1:]

the big frame motor sits a good 3 maybe even 4 inches further out than the original engine and thats why the panel has to come off. it has to come off anyway or you won’t be able to get to the carbuerator.

Hi scooternut
How far past the original bodywork does the px200 engine sit?