T5 malossi kit what comes in kit

HI i have ordered a new malossi kit for my t5 cant rember if you get the small end bearing and gudgeon pin with the kit on if you have to buy them as well thanks.

Also you are right junk 4 plate and use 3 plate with uprated springs.

The Si 24/24 E is the carb for the px 200 the carb body is taller than the T5 carb the px 200 has a smaller air filter than the T5

Forgot to say… the only thing about the bike that is no good is the clutch. It’s a four plate and it jumps a lot at the light so am thinking that i might go back to standard 3 plate or cosa 21tooth if i can spend some ££!


Have you had the clutch to pieces recently? The only reason I ask is because the jumping could be caused by missaligning the clutch plates. There is a hole on the drive plate and a hole on thel last plate i think. If these dont line up it can cause that snatch.

Hi Gaz,

I just ordered and fitted one from Sip.

The gudgeon pin and circlips were included… but small end bearing was not (despite being shown in the photo on their site).

I’ve got it all running pretty well now… 122 main. It still does a bit of a miss now and again so i am thinking of throwing another carb on to check it by process of elimination. Only thing is, the other carb is badged a SI24/24E (rather than SI24/24G that is on the bike now.) Do you know what the difference could be?
It looks identical other than that the throttle slide has a small scoop out of it on the bottom side.

Cheers and good luck with the kit!