T5 Malossi Head Gasket Needed?

Hi all,

Do I need to use the head gasket that comes with the Malossi 172 kit? I have had my head reprofiled by PM Tuning for the kit.



Hi i have a 172 on mine and yes you do need the metal gasket for the head.[:D]

If you have had the head profiled do not use the gasket.

The gasket is only used to raise the head in standard form to stop it clapping on the small squish area off the standard head.

If the head has been machined correctly this will not happen.

To be sure you need to dry build the cylinder the check the squish clearance.

A quick check is does the crown off the piston rest neatly in the combustion area off the head,if it does you can assume it has been machined to suit.Checking the squish is not hard though,rent a two stroke tuning book from the library and try it.

Very rewarding to do it yourself.

Hope this helps    Vanjav    Essex

PM heads are modified to run without the gasket , you can use the gasket if you want but it drops your compression ratio noticeably.