T5 malossi 172 head gasket and timeing

hi can anyone tell me do you need to use a head gasket aswell as the base gasket with the 172 kit if the head has been machined and also what deg  to set the timeing upto

got a  a pm  pipe so also need to know what size main jet to use



Hello Milky,

I got a simular setup, I use no head gasket with original Malossi base gasket, squis 1,7mm, main jet SI 24-24G 128 (original Exhaust), with PM-pipe a little higher

Timing original exhaust 18 degr. with PM pipe 16 degr.

The SI 24G carb. does not work wel with PM Pipe, big flat spot from 3th to 4th gear, use a 28- 30mm works better, but still very hard to setup

good luck

chears Richard

thanks very much richard  will prob go down the 28mm route when ive run the kit in as i wont need the top end till then 

No problem, good luck

I am currently rebuilding the engine for reedvalve setup, works a lot beter with a rezonance pipe like the PM. 

Keep on trashing the T5 :-)