T5 , mal 172 , cosa clutch , sito plus

Does anyone run a T5 , Mal 172 , cosa clutch , with a sito plus , if so what does it go like , is there much pull in 4 th gear ?

a lot of people buy all these parts bolt them all on together then try and figure out which bit isnt making it pull.from what ive read on these pages this cosa clutch seems to overgear a t5.the sito plus is basically a standard t5 pipe anyway so no real benefit there.try the 172 top end with a 122/125 main jet and see how it goes.then try another pipe,sip one a good choice but only alter the gearing with a clutch if the gears seem too long and wont pull or are too short and screams the t**s of itself.retard the timing by 5-10 degrees for a cooler running temp and keep a check on plug colour so it isnt to lean/rich and adjust jetting to suit.remember plenty of gasket sealer around the base gasket as the 172 likes to find air leaks to melt pistons

I have the exact same setup with a 122 main jet, it pulls like a train all day.

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