T5 main jet


Can anyone tell me the correct size of the parts 242072 for a standard T5 carb.
( http://www.scooterist.ch/t5/hauptseite/zeichnungen/t17.gif ).

Thanks a lot.

Everyone i know, including myself runs our T5s on a 112 main jet.

Hi Loran, i,ve always ran my classic on a 110/100 and had no troubles hitting 70mph+ on a standard set up with good ecomomy also.

According to the haynes manual the main jet for a T5 should be a

Hope this helps


Hello Loran the correct jet size for a t5 is 110/100 if you have put a new pipe on like a simmonini then 112/110 Hope this helps [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]