T5 just broke down

can anyone help just walked 4 miles home with my very reliable scoot until now.
i was cruising along in traffic and it died like id just turned the ignition off checked fuel thats ok then checked plug, there was only an intermitant spark, messed about with the wires into the coil and the spark seams to be constant but not really strong when i put plug back in and kick it over it won’t start,
i took the plug out again and it was soaked in fuel can anyone help a stressed out scooterist[:shock1:] [?[]

sorted problem it was the coil thanks

it seems to be electric related theres a few things it could be first of all your coil all you can do is try another one. but there are a few other things it coud be, first diconnect all your electrics from the black box by your coil to elliminate them, then take out all they wires from the coil and put the green to the engine castings to see if you get a spark off that when you kick it over (make sure you dont touch the castings with it, not patronising u just you dont say how mechanicaly minded you are) if you do get a spark your generating coil in the stator plate is ok if not its probably that. if you get a spark plug it back in to the coil then plug in the red and see if it starts if not then take it out and plug the white and try again if your bike will start with only one of either the red or white in but dies when you put the other one in it is the pickup in the stator plate, even if it does not start with either of the wires in but you get a spark of the green then it is still probably ure pickup. anything else or that does not get you anywhere give me a shout and I’ll try and think of somthing

thanks dan i will try that in the morning and i will post results!!