T5 head

Anyone know if a t5 centre plug head will fit a p.k. 125?

Hi Andy
I dont have a T5 cylinder head yet,its just my scooter frenzied brain thinking things over,i read in norrie kerrs tuning book about converting to a centre plug for better burn and thought the t5 might fit.the studs on a p.k. are m7
thanks Adrian

I think you will probably find that the stud pattern is completely different. Bore is not far off though.

I’ll check for you…PK studs are M7 right? and T5 M8.
I’d be interested in buying the head off you…or maybe a swap…I have a GT 125 Head to trade (off centre plug…should line up with the PK cowl OK)…I’ll check that out against the PK too. If not then a streight purchase?..then you can get yourself the correct head…

Guess you want centre plug for a tuned engine?