T5 head?..... anyone?

Hi All,

just wondering if anyone has a standard T5 head oxidising away in the garage that they would part with for a reasonable sum? Doesn’t have to be perfect… just servicable to get me by while i sort out the various problems that i’ve been having with Mr Malossi (!).



Please email me on:
[email protected]

Have you taken of the kit what cant you get set up properly on the malossi my set up is 24/24 G carb 122 main jet, be3 mixer tube, 50/100 idle jet ,120/100 air calibrator ,and 60/100 starter jet i was running a be4 mixer tube till last saturday change to be3 seems to run better . The head was modifyed by tafspeed timing is set at 15. and i you fully synthetic 2 stroke oil no extra in tank just autolube and a scorpion pipe will do 75mph no problem Gary [:dance1:] [:drink:]