T5 fly wheel side oil seal

Just a quick query but I’ve been having trouble with the fly wheel side seal blowing off and causing running problems.The thing is does the seal have a circlip to hold it in(its a mk1 engine and there looks like a little groove for one) or is it just a matter of using piaggio seals(not pattern)and gluing them in? All tips appreciated



the seal is not hold in place by a circlip.
Try a piaggio one and fit it well plane to the case lip, not more recessed. You want the surface of the seal to get in full contact with the area of the case where it sits.
If you put some loctite 542 will help.

Cheers gents I will give it a go

as curare says,push into place (with a correct size long reach socket) and leave flush with the caseing.do not hit it all the way home.i always apply a little grease to the crank and the lip of the seal.it is usually a VERY tight fit for the oil seal as im sure my old friend curare will agree.i dont see how you would need loctite unless something is really amiss.are you useing the correct seal??? here are the seal measurments you need, 24/35/6.these are printed on the front of your seal