T5 engine with P200E parts - will it work?

I am after some desperately needed advice on a Vespa Mk 1 T5 engine rebuild. I am trying to help out a friend who, by the looks of it, has been shafted good and proper. I have only limited experience with PX type engines – my knowledge lies more with Rallys - but I am pretty much mechanically competent so I am trying to help this guy out if I can as he has already paid out a hefty price for the scoot and hasn’t the funds left to get professionals to sort the engine out.

The engine has been abused quite a bit but the area of most concern for me is the internals which are a mix of models – is there any chance someone can advise if this configuration will work?

T5 casing (VNX5M) with internal hub oil seal and sealed hub bearing

T5 5 port barrel, head and piston with a 2424 carb

P200E 7 spring clutch (3 x cork 2 x metals)

P200E 23 tooth top/clutch sprocket

P200E 65 tooth cluster drive cog (ie the cush drive gear on gear cluster) with the cluster cogs 12, 13, 17 and 21

T5 gears (identified by number of teeth only) 58, 42, 38, 36

Mark 1 layshaft (with shoulder and single circlip)

Mark 1 selector rod (14mm spanner) with washer

Old type stepped cruciform

Mark 1 selector box (arm is approx 3mm above the edge of the box when in the 3rd gear position)

I’m told that this engine did run, at least in 1st and 2nd gear, by the current owner. The gears were fitted onto the layshaft by using 2 shims and one cirlcip; one shim from a T5 (4 lug type) and one from a P200E (1 lug type) both fitted to the flywheel end under the circlip.

If this configuration won’t work then what are his options? New layshaft, selctor rod, cruciform? Will they work with a 23 tooth P2 clutch and 65 cluster drive cog or would those need changing back to the standard T5 parts too?

Finally can anyone confirm the gear cog arrangement ie which way around the gears face? I thought it was 4th , 3rd, and 2nd gears with the raised inner edge facing out towards the flywheel side and 1st with the flat inner edge flywheel side. Setting them up this way, however, gives a larger gap between 3rd and 2nd. Is this right or are the gears a mismatch too, or is this due to the mark 1 layshaft?

Many, many thanks for any help you can offer

Cheers Phil