t5 electrical

no head or tail lites.got indicators and horn,speedo also works inc digi rev counter.turn on lights speedo goes dead,horn and indicators also dead scoot seems to also drop down a tad in tickover,bulbs all ok, any ideas as im stumped.bin at it all day![:@]

you need to test the actual scooter wiring with a multimeter,set at ohms.gets a bit complicated if you ain’t electrically minded.somewhere in the bike i think you have a lighting circuit shorting down to earth.
got to think practically about this,all wiring is ok until you switch the lighting on.if you switch the sidelights on,is it doing the same?
if it is,then you have to check the sidelight circuit and back light.
if it dosn’t,i would start looking under the headset at the headlight.could also be on the return path from the back brake switch,but i very much doubt it.could be a problem with the horn,it’s just a process of ellimination,though i doubt it.
honestly,stubbsy,you are entering a minefield if you have no electrical knowledge,it’s only a queer game!
consult an auto electrician,take the haynes manual so they have a wiring diagram, also, make sure they understand the lighting is AC not DC,because there is no fuse to b*** on an AC system.the fault will only show by a starvation of power and as you say the engine stator is under excessive load because the engine tickover speed drops when you switch the lights on.
electricity always takes the easiest path to earth,which,in your case is through a short circuit.
unless there was a cable in the switch loom shorting down to earth i wouldn’t of expected a new switch to solve the problem,just a waste of money,personally.
it’s hard to solve this type of problem without being personally involved,so i just hope i’m going down the right track here!
i’m quietly confident though!

If you live locally to me, Portsmouth, I can get my m8 who is an auto electrician to take a look.

ignore that I can see he has answered 1 min b4 I posted my reply.

mtl no mate got it sorted totaly kickin myself,i live in n.ireland after a lot of time and headbangin found what was wrong and no took the proper one.insidently the 177 kit is runnin fine now,ive changed the atomiser to a b3 and put the timein to about 20 22 degrees,no more pinkin hurray.dont no how long the piston will last though before there is a nasty great big hole appears in it.ill maybe try to get a t5 motor for it over the winter if it doesnt last

what and how do i test

What is it you have actually done stubbsy, stuck a mk1 T5 headset on a PX?

At 22 degrees you are definatly asking for a hole.

Still havent got it 100% then, nelly is the guy to ask about electrical probs.


please read through what i said and try and methodically break down what i’ve said.
it will all make sense if you do this.
if no further forward mail me on wellermans site.

[:@] nelly got a new switch from beedies today but still the same,im gettin power from the blue wire,behind the horn cover as ive wired a test bulb,any ideas,[:@] [:@] [:@] [:@] [:@]

sounds like you have an short down to earth on the lighting circuit.probably a cable chaffed against the frame somewhere.

beat ya mtl!
spooky eh!

ps mtl goto wellermans site for the solution as couldnt be assed typin it all out again,you no how i like to rabbel on a bit lol