T5 dies at top end!

I thought I’d got it sorted after months of ***ing around until today.
Went for test drive today, and it’s fine through the bottom end but as soon as I thrash it in 3rd or take it above 50mph in 4th it dies, feeling like fuel starvation. As soon as I wind in the throttle it picks up again.
I replaced the fuel tap which had been leaking, cleaned, re-cleaned and cleaned yet again the carb and jets. The float seems ok, no holes.
Now I’m stuck, any ideas?

…yes it could be the prob. little1 large1 said.

Just for esclusion reason, if you are sure is absolutely not fuel related then go to the electric, or if you know somebody to lend its stator, or coil then it will be easy with no money risk out for nothing.

hello nicey,

please remind us your set up.

Which carb do you have?

you said you have replaced the fuel tap, so it is a new one?
Have you tried with another carb?

I’ve had a closer look and it is stator related, the spark cuts out/dissapears at certain revs.

Time for a new stator plate!

Thanks for your help fellas.

Hi i know very little about scooters BUT i had same sort of problem spent time and money trying to sort out it turned out to be faulty pick up on stator plate and dodgy HT coil.

Maybe the same ???