t5 clutch

ive just ordered a malossi 170 kit for my t5,but ive alsoi got to renew the clutch, ive heard bits about fitting corsa clutches.
can anyone tell me what the advantages are and is it a straight swop.
cheers, herald

Hi, I have the cosa clutch on my T5 malossi, It doesn’t seem to do much more top end but is smoother and slightly quicker through the gears.I changed the clutch on recommendation but have since heard they have a habit of falling off or exploding if not fitted correctly so make sure as RR says you use the right nut and washer.

For my scooter a corsa clutch was the wrong way to go because it would not pull in 4, but some people say its very good, yes its a straight swop but get the wright nut and washer. In the end i used a 4 plate clutch and reinforced springs which works very well for me and cost not a lot. and it has not broke like some![:D]

The problem with a standard clutch on a tuned machine is they tend to slip and wear out quite quickly. You could use the cosa clutch or a 4 plate conversion. The cosa clutch is a better design and a lot smoother, the drawback is you have to use a 21 tooth cog. The 4 plate conversion works quite well, however, I have heard that they do have a tendancy to drag and sometimes are not very smooth.

My advice would be to wait to see what kind of power increase you get with the kit. If it is good and is likley to handle a high gear ratio then go with the cosa, if not get the 4 plate conversion. Whatever you decide to do the minimum would to be to use some uprated springs.