T5 clutch help!


My engine is a T5 totally original.

The cable is new. I had to change the cork plates ad saw my the basket
was a little bit used so changed to SIP Clutch basket  PX200/T5
reinforced, but with regular springs.

As I got a XT2000 clutch actuating bearing, I tried it.

And now, even if the cable is tight so much that the lever is quite impossible to press, nothing happens.

Does anybody have an idea? What can I try to fix this?



Pierre ,

Can you give us more information please ? What type of oil are you using ? Did you wet the corks before fitting ? Did you make sure the woodruff key was fitted and secure ? Is the engine making any noises when you try to actuate the clutch ?

Steve @ Skoot!

You should also check that the corks/steels can seperate, as they can catch on the banded ring stopping them from workng.

Yes you’re right!

I’ve dismanteled it this afternoon and found lots of things going
wrong. The ork plates were all stuck together. And a thing really
strange: I don’tt know the english term but the part with the dents
that slide on the crank was slightly smaller than normal. I’ve checked
with another one and his diameter was around 0.5 mm smaller. So it
would’nt slide correctly on the crank… Fuckin’ part, it was a new one!

 I think I will order a brand new clutch (one not made from several used ones…) and see what will happen!



Hello Steve,

Well , I’ve used a classic vespa oil gear to wet the cork. The woodruff
key is ok and lock by a washer. No strange noise with the engine.

It seems that the clutch does not operate when pressing the lever. I
will remove the clutch this afternoon, and check if the plates are not
stuck together… By the way, How can I see that the clutch is well
placed, pushed enough on the crank?