T5 clutch gear problems, so many cogs

Hello guys,

I’ve got a little problem with the rebuilding of my T5 (standart) engine.

Does anybody know with clutch gear do I have to use for the T5, cause
I’ve tried a T5 -P200 clutch with 23 cogs and it does not fit!

Any ideas?



Hi thanks for your answer!

So I’ve to find a 20 teeth… I’ve find this one on SIP site, do you know if this fits?

Clutch gear PX80 / PX125 from 

									VNX2T 1101, 20 cogs
										Art.-no.&nbsp;<span class="common_txtFormat_bold">17810000</span>


Right number of teeth! but, the plate riveted to the cog, fits a small (5 spring)125/150 clutch ,the T5/200(7 spring) clutch uses a bigger plate.they will fit, but the bottom clutch plate will overhang.


Can't find just the cog[:^)]

But if you have the newer clutch(cosa) this is diffrent again!

Hi T5 uses 20 teeth for standerd,21 for upgeared!

23 is standerd p2

22 is old style 125/150

Thanks for all these infos!

I know now what I’ve to find!