T5 carb

Ive just rebuilt a T5 engine with malossi 170 kit and modified head, need to sort the carb, im after somethink i can bolt straight on and not have to mess about with,
what do you lot think, i was looking at phb carbs in the sip catalogue but what size 28, 30?
Also what happens to the oil pump, I can live with premix but what happens to the pump and drive etc.

SIP sell(or did) a 26mm version of the standard T5 carb which may be just what you are looking for, reliability, simplicity, and not much effort to fit plus you can keep the autolube which saves the need for premix (unless you want it). Not badly priced if my memory serves, ask around to see if anyone runs on of these.

The standard T5 carb should give u +/- 75mph with that Kit and you can keep the autolube. Just upjet (start @ 130 main and work down - depending on what exhaust you are running)

A 30mm carb on a rotary valve is a bit O.T.T. and would not increase performance significantly (unless u cut the crank and are running an expansion pipe). You don’t really need the extra fuel for cooling as u have a quality aluminium barrel with excellent heat disipation.

If u change up to a 30mm rotary induction you need to blank off the oil inlet (the Malossi manifold comes with a blanking piece to do this). Remove the (big) oil pump drive gear and other bits.