T5 Carb on Pinasco PX

I have been told that a T5 carb is better than the standards item, is this true and would I jet it the same?
It is being fitted to my PX200E fitted with a Pinasco on a standard crank and Pinasco exhaust.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Anyone? As I understand it the carb is lower to allow the use of a larger airfilter to suit the revvier T5 engine, so my thinking was to mount it on a Pinasco kitted PX which is revvier also. My qustions are 'are they jetted the same, is it just the carb body’s that are different and is there any point to fitting one will I notice any difference?


T5 carburators are shorte instead PX carbs. You´ve a shorte intake stroke!

Your vantages:

-wider revband/ speedband

-better gas exchange