T5 172

MINE IS A MACHINED HEAD AND I USE METAL BASE AND HEAD GASKITS im glad you are using the 122 jet as i thought it was to small

ok no air leaks i think its either not enough fuel going in or too much…i have messed about with the air mixture screw and i have it in the right spot(i think) the plug is a b9ev (the most expensive 1) and the colure of the end is a caramel colure… i was told about using a cosa float bowl as it lets in more fuel(anybody got any views on that one) all nuts are at the torque settings

Ive found 122 too small. 125 or 128 with scorpian. If its a fairly std sort of set up your wasting your money on a dyno. The malossi T5 works straight out of the box because its already a sports scoot with inlet, transfers and timing already sorted.

ok the casings are standerd the head has been machined and im defo keeping the carb standerd so all i need to do is buy a couple of sizes of jets ? does a cosa clutch actually give you any benefit over the standerd t5 one?

no extra oil??? have you had the auto lube adjusted to a 3% ratio then???..i was told that the t5 24 carb is ample and no need to change as its a waste of time,but each to there own

ok i have swoped the kit over onto my classic keeping the auto lube ive put a 125 main jet…but when i try to give it a little stick it feels like it wants to go but is struggling splutering is my jet to big or to small…and i put some putoline mx 5 fully synthetic pre mix oil in my auto lube…it said on the bottle it was for motor cross engine and go karts (revvy engines) so i used it… is it any good for the molossi kits or should i go onto the silkolene thanks

autolube is ok as it does not put 2% in all the time the more the engine revs the the more oil it puts in to the carb

i have a ramair filter fitted on the air box on my t5 no flat spot when backing off the throttle seem to go better as well

Original von gaz7: autolube is ok as it does not put 2% in all the time the more the engine revs the the more oil it puts in to the carb

is that rite;D ;D ;D ;D the MECHANICAL(NOT ELECTRONIC) oil injection STILL ;D regulates the 2% mix with the amount of fuel being delivered!!!NO MATTER HOW LESS OR HOW MUCH FUEL IS BEING DELIVERED IT STILL DELIVERS 2%.it puts in 2% with the amount of fuel .jesus, wouldnt want one of your scoots that flactuates its oil mix[?[] wonder how all the p ranges, rally,smallframes and lammys without oil injection went for all these years)[:smile:] think about your reply [:drink:] ps ive heard of kits running ok with the lube,BUT that extra bit of oil gives ya piece of mind[:dance3:]

just thinkin sanders,could it poss be a slight airleak??? as youve already done the carb,check your head aint leaking,is it just 3rd to 4th? bring your airscrew out another 1/2 a turn

I’m told PSN are good.If Ryan has half the talent of his dad you’re laughing.

I’m a bit confussed on what you’re talking about regards the jets though.

but if its to rich with the 125 the 128 would be even richer would it not?

i keep my timing at 16 standard for t5

the autolube cant be adjusted the autolube works on the crank the faster it goes round the more oil it puts into the carb not allways 2 % had words with tafspeed and beedspeed both said no extra needed in tank use good quality oil i use fully senthetic oil. what do you mean spring join

i had the same prob with my sito on the classic it leaked at the top but i got some sealant from halfords put a little bead on and it stopped it…is it safe to use gaskit sealant in the bit that jions the down pipe if so ehy does it have srping for movement? thanks joe

try 128 main as well

bit of advice please,do i need a head gasket for the malossi 172kit
i have a modified head or would the compression ratio be ok without?
I run a 122 main jet and scorpion also use the autolube plus a measure in the tank,castrol TTS and down the motorway its off the clock,i also run a cooler plug ngk 10es

I ran a T5 172 with autolube for 4 years with no probs. Full rally seasons and lots of motorway miles.

Original von sanderson: now im really ***ed of my bog spot has returned again..wheni give it some stick in 3rd and go into 4th i get a bog spot,,this also happens when on full throtttle and i have to let of and back on again...i have checked and cleaned the carb tightend all the bolts and screws..i have taken 4 inches of the fuel pipe and there are no kinks in the pipe..the carb has the same jets as the t5 standerd apart from 125 main jet ..and i have set the timing to suit the kit any suggestions before i take a very nice shiney new lump hamer to it

HI SANDERSON (leeds) i take it? you still on here? i aint bin on in ages, long time no speak[[:O]] if it is „BOGGING“[[:O]] this usually means too much fuel,try dropping down to 124/123.whats your plug like? every engine runs different! example,pm recon a standard t5 motor with a 110/112 main jet and 2 and 1/2 turns on air mix!!! im doin a mates standard t5 at the moment ,fitting a pm pipe,wont run properly until 5 turns out on air screw.all you have to do is watch what colour the plug is[:’(] [:’(] it may take a while to get set up correctly,but when it is well [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:]