t5 172 tuning

hi all

back safe and sound from the i.0.w had a great time scoot ran fine till we got a bout 2 miles from home and it died cough splutter and nothing

ran out of fuel [:shock1:] fuel gauge said 1/2 full lol[:D] [:D] [:D]

to my point

bikes running ok but seriously down on compression

is it worth putting new rings or should i get the piston kit or a new kit

feel like i’m going towards getting a new kit to be safe

now my other point is

is it worth getting the 172 kit reworked as worb5 do this modification
and what excactly do the modify as it’s such a good kit

can i have a few ideas from people please and recommendations on this option


I agree with JuanK but check the kit out first.

Check your barrel for scoring,if the plating is gone then think about the conversion.

If it’s alright but the piston is damaged order a c grade piston and rings for it.They are slightly larger and will run tighter in the bore thus reducing the piston slap the 172 is infamous for.

If the piston and bore are fine then just order new rings.