T4 Tacho Speedometer (Damm German Vespas)

Is there any substitute for a T4 (Augsberg Vespa) tacho (speedometer)? My T4 project has a working speedometer, but the glass is cracked, the faceplate shredded, and the ring dented. I believe its the same as that used on the GS3. The old VNA and VNB speedos look simular (rectangle) but Im not sure.

Its one of the last pieces I need to finish, and Ive been considering just using a different handlebar from another model, but it just dont seem right.


the GS/3 speedo will fit to your handlebar. There are no face plates, lenses or rings available for this speedo. This looks very, very nice, but there are no spares available for thi f*** speedo!

Good luck,

Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]