Survey: Polini vs. Malossi

hi  folks


i want to start an survey about a big question !


what is better : the polini 208 or the 211 malossi cylinder ?

(if there are any replies, please tell also the reason why you recommend the polini or the malossi)

hey guys !


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my expierience is that a normal cluth will not handle the power of a Polossi cylinder !


Your PX from 2007 should have a cosa cluth, you could replace it with a reinforced cosa clutch bell to handle the power. Item code 93231000.



Basically the Pollini 208 has more torque power and the Malossi 210 is more in the middle and in the high refs. But it depends on both cylinders wich setup do you use (regarding pipe crank carburetor etc.)





can't get to reply! new site seems to have lost the ease of replying!!

had both! polini gets my vote! but you need to check regulary for cracks in the piston(old stlyle single ring) they get hot! and the more you tune the less reliable! will easy pull standard gears

had the reed/pm/30mmhp4/cut crank always blew the piston, then had standard carb(upjetted)/pipe/t5 flywheel, pulled like a train till 70 then stopped ,brilliant for motor way use!

malossi needs more work, you need to under gear(lower gearing as needs more revs) but the more you work to the engine the better!

does not like standard exhaust or gearing!

Ok so I haven't posted anywhere before. I have been reading a lot though. 

The Polini in its standard form v Malossi in standard form also. Both with 57mm cranks, auto lube 24mm carb and case porting.

Would I be right in saying that the Polini would beat the Malossi over a standing quarter mile? The Malossi would have a higher top speed and take a long time getting there due to gearing?

From what I have been reading I like the Polini.

PS how reliable is the Polossi (W5 Polini cylinder with reworked Malossi piston). 

I have a 2007 PX 200 and want to make it go faster. 

Is the standard clutch going to take the additional power?? 




would say both of them are funny!

i prefer the polini

i like the more torque from Polini which is nice to build long gear machines



Malossi is a good piece for modified rpm engines in many ways- but the costs are more



anyway, ever a hard choice