super super!!!

hi, what are my options??? i have a gts 125 super, and i love it![:D] just wondering what i can do to get the maxium power out of her? Is there a kit for the 125 super yet if so what will it cost and what am i going to get for the money? what else can i do??? i am keeping it so getting the 300 is not an option[H]



here is the kit to make you fly:



add a Exhaust and Variomatic - its a dream!,-)



The frame is the same, so you can get 250 or 300 ie engine or, if the injection is by carbotour, not electrical, you can get 200 ccm from GT.

I swapped my 250 i.e. engine with 300 i.e. using the same computer. It works like charm

The 125 is a good solid engine and meant to be for city driving keeping up with normal traffic. There isn't much you can do short of expensive tuning and then what would that get you other than perhaps a mile or two more? An idea would be the expensive 100 Octane Shell gas. That gives you definitely a smoother running engine perhaps more speed, but what for? Check your tire pressure and pump it to max. check your air filter and clean it, ditto spark plug. Other than that be happy that your 125 runs good and gets you from a to b.

I have one to, and there is not much you can change. I installed a Remus exaust and it gained maybe 1 or 2 HP, not more, but is sounds like a " Queen Wasp " now... Rgds