Suggested Crank for reed block new Malossi 210 kit

I currently run a standard crank port matched Pinasco 213 with worb 5 head, JL Righty pipe, strengthened clutch, Bitubo shockies, disc brake and PWK 24mm powerjet carb.

Nice touring set up and great mid range, but I am riding more around town and on sub 100km runs.

I want more of a street rocket.

To this end I will buy the new Malossi 210 kit, case match add a good quality reed set up and 28-30mm carb.

I am yet to decide on the crank. A mate bought the Worb5 special lip crank and frankly the quality was substandard. I am looking for a robust crank that can rev out over 7000rpm, thus excluding full circle cranks.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




hi mate. I have a MRB reed MALOSSI 210, fully ported, bosst and fuel pump setup. Ironically i'm now going the other way and building a touring motor!

However, for your query. I ran the thing with the standard crank for a couple of years until a piston meltdown took a chunk out the conrod and web. Then I tried a mazza full circle, which quite frankly didn't run. It was a nightmare, the scoot would 'lag' when opening the throttle then kick-in about a second later. So I tried the Worb5 special lip too. It was one of the earlier cranks (bout 5 years ago?) and it has been superb. Better performance and has now done about 10000miles still going strong. My mate was so impressed (but skint) and made his own special lip crank after a few beers with a grinder! (how we chuckled). Anyway, I cleaned it up, balanced it and although it looks terrible it runs great also.

for ref, my setup is 30mm dell with X2, av266 and 145 main. Ported and matched malossi210, MRB reed, boost bottle, fuel pump, lightened flywheel (1.6kg), 23t cosa, PM left hand and std box with 36t 4th. runs at 13 degrees BTDC which only just stops the pinking.


mazzuchelli now do a version of this crank, saw it on scootercentre site