Substitution cylinder on motor V5P2 (Piaggio Vespa 50 Plurimatic year 1990)

Hi, my VESPA PIAGGIO is the model 50V Plurimatic, (cod. V5P2T) year 1990. It climbs on an equal motor to your cod. Art.Nr.  28829100. My question is this: I can climb on the cylinder "RACING CYLINDER 75cc PINASCOs" (Art.Nr.  18500000 € 152,32)? The head of the cylinder is inclusive the kit Art.Nr. 18500000, or must I use that of my motor? Do I concern to the carburetor (FHBB16.12B Di the garden) thing I must do? Must I change the throws? Thanks

Hi dude,


I recommend you the 75 Pinasco Cylinderkit, but notice that the head is out of production. You have to use the original Head with a little bit of modifications.


The original Carburetor is enough, only the mainjet has to be switch in a 70 - 66. By the way there no exists a bigger carb. for your model.