Strip down and re-build

Well after having both my piston rings blown to fuck, looks like i’m going to have to have a strip down and re-build.Can anyone point me in the right direction, i’ve heard SIP have great directions on their site for doing this but i cant find them anywhere, would appreciate someone pointing out the obvious for me. So what do i need? toolwise and bits wise.
Cheers Boys

I’ll give you a good tip for removing you gudgeon pin with out buying the special tool. Get an old sundance grip and drill a 7mm hole in the closed end(centrally). Get a length of 6mm all thread that is long enough to go through both the gudgeon pin and the grip. Remove the circlips in the piston. Get three 6mm nuts and 2 washers. place a washer (normal 6mm flat) over one end and then fit two of the nuts. Lock the nuts together as if you were removing a stud. Pass the threaded bar throught the piston from the tyre side. Place the grip over the bar so a bit protrudes through the 7mm hole. Attach the other washer and remaining nut. Wind up so theres tension and keep winding untill you have pulled the gudgeon pin into the bore of the grip. Sundance grips can also be used to put the inner race on both vespa and lammy cranks and fit all types of seals and bearings. In fact its a surprise cos the’re f…ng useless at doing the job the’re supposed to!

Woodruff key?

If the woodruff key snaps, it makes the timing go haywire!
good spark but not at the right time!

You might have a sharp bend the petrol-hose, so the flow is restriced.

sorry mate, what is it exactly that you need to strip and rebuild? scooterhelp, a yank site is pretty good for that stuff, but in my opinion it usually helps to have a haynes on hand so that youve got it sitting next to you as you work, but make sure to get the skinny on any small things they may have gotten wrong, ie, the washer that goes on the end of the p range selector rod between the cruxiform and the shaft.

Petrol pipe looks fine leif, what would the woodruf key affect sliding dog? should also add , new flywheel on as well so my timing could be out.

Right back again with more problems, Ive stripped and rebuilt my engine , it’s had new oil seals, new bearings, new cruciform new top end, gone back in the frame tonight, and kicked more or less straight away, took it out for a 5 min run , felt better than ever ,smoothest gear changes i’ve ever had, took it home to adjust brakes, the took it out again to see how the brakes felt, 2 minutes up the road it died on me, managed to bump it and ran again for a minute but died again, i’m getting good compression and a good spark, but its not kicking its bumping but running with no power when i give it some throttle, any ideas? im sick to death of the snotty kids on the bus.

if the fuel-supply or the vent-hole in the tank-cap is blocked, the bike behaves like this. Also if the connections and wiring between the statorplate and the coil isn’t 100%.
Water in the petrol or low level in the tank,are also possible.