Strange tube / rim problem

I recently purchased a set of chrome rims for my T5 classic, but have come across a bit of a strange problem whilst putting them on my scooter.

I cannot get the valve to sit properly when the tyre has been inflated. It tends to point upwards at a bit of an angle, which isn’t so much of a problem for the back wheel, but I have fitted a PX disc front end and the valve knocks against the caliper when the wheel spins around.

I was speaking to someone at the Woolacombe rally and they said something about there being two different types of rims available for P range vespas??..

Does anyone know if this is true?

is this not the same problem lammy owners have with mich airstop tubes??? except they rip the valve of on the forks??

Ive got one rim on my scoot that the inner tube valves don’t seem to like and guess what ; its the only non piaggio stamped rim I own . It also appears to run untrue = poor quality, there are some shit inner tubes out there aswell.