Strange noise clutch

Dear Vespa lovers,


I just receive a completely rebuilt PX 200 engine from US, it makes a strange noise such as tak tak tak, when I pull the clutch lever the sounds changes and even iuncreased. I had a 7 spring clutch so I change it for a brand new 6 springs one, and now the sounds disaper when I pull the clutch but there is a wristling noise now. I am thinking about odering a COSA reinforced clutch but I need some advises before spending 174 USD.

Any idea or suggestions?


Hi La Rocca,


No I have checked already, the tak tak seems to come from the flywheel side I also checked the flywheel doesn't touck the cover or whatsoever. To bve sure I have changed the big 7 springs clucth for 6 springs, but stil tak tak tak.

Thks again for any help there.



please check first if this spring

touches your brass pin housing inside the clutch cover



may it needs some little bending.



Hi dude !


The first thing i would check is if the clutch touches the clutch cover.

Please do this and let me know !





Hey Dude !


Before you remove the flywheel please push the clutch lever and in the same moment check if the flywheel moves around.

Please remove the flywheel and post a picture from the inner side.

Then please check the clearance at the crankshaft cone.