Stops after a while

My freinds V50 has a problem. It stops after a whiles use, its been like that the last year and half. Hes sick of it and havent really used it beacuse of that. I looked at it this weekend at got it to start easy and run nice, but then when i took it out for a test drive it died after ca 15 min. It had spark on the plug and every thing looked allright. But it just wouldent start, then after about half an hour i tried again and it started, but stoped after just a few minutes.

Does anybody have an idea of what could be wrong, could it be something as easy as the wrong spark plug? it got an 75 kit on and i think the plug was 6-8.

also check the vent in the filler cap isnt blocked[:D]

im not sure what kind of jet hes got on it, but it worked for 2 years without truoble. We checked the carb this summer last time we got it to go (june) its been standing since then. That time it worked for a litle longer before i stoped. By the way, he also as problems with is lightbulbs burning up in no time. Could it be a related elctrical problem?

Thanks for the help

It May sound crazy but perhaps its Fuel Starvation, A kink in the Fuel Pipe, the carb jets could be blocked up not allowing enough fuel through.


if you pull out the choke before it dies does it change something?
Just try and please report the experience.

If the choke makes no difference
you could start doing a couple of things. If the problem will be still there will try other things. But we have to proceed for exclusion.

First of all for a 75cc spark plug should be W4 AC or W5 AC no 6 - 8.

Take the carb out, open it, check the float boal mooves freely, the main jet is of the correct size and thight in place. Put it back with the air filter.

Try it out and tell us. And then we will see.


yes of course it could be electrical. But doing one thing after another will allow to be sure the problem it is electrical and not related to another thing.

If you know somebody with the same scooter that can lend you his coil, you could test if the problem comes from the coil.
If not do the other thing, then if the other things don’t change the problem then it is electric. It is a conservative procedure to avoid to spend money if not really necessary.

Thanks, i got the same scooter so i can try my coil on his. See when i got time and report back.