Stiff Gears

Hiya all Just rid of my old PK and got a 2nd hand PX125 and am finding the gears really stiff, was needing two hands to get into first neutral and second, i’ve changed the gear oil and opened the selector box and give it a good clean and regrease, thats freed it up a little. I’m now able to get 1st ,2nd and neutral one handed although it’s still stiff and a little clunky but am finding 3rd and 4th near impossible. Any help? and keep in mind i’m no spanner monkey

in the selectorbox is o small roller in a tinplate fork, springloaded. Check how this roller act when turning the grip.

Not sure, but most bought now, seem to be bigger? I just leave the top off! which isan’t good[:(]
you could just grind the heads down a bit?

Also, try without the selector cover on,some of the solderless nipples are bigger and rub on the cover

Slidingdog, that looks like exactly what’s been happenening, the selector cover is a bitch to get back on and you can see where the nipple has been rubbing on the underside of the cover, so how do i get round this? do they do solderless nipples in smaller sizes?

Seems there was quite a bit of slack in my clutch cable and one of the gear cables , tightened them up now. will give it a good thrash tomorrow and see how it handles.