sticky gear

Greetings, i have this problem with shifting the gear , sometimes it would shift nicely , sometimes it would feel sticky have tried to adjust the cable and clutch cable and it would be ok then after a few minites of riding it would fell sticky again , what is the problem ? i am using a sae 20w - 40 w engine oil. [:look:]

Greetings, I will check the cruciform for wear and tear, and will also try to use a thinner engine oil , hope this would solve the sticky problem [:rotate:]

is a cable ready to go?is the cruciform loose or worn

Max have a go at emailing him on [email protected] because it is not like him to have his say[;)]

i had the same problem with my px, turned out to be worn cable outers. worth a try.[:dance1:]

thats not normal. i would replace the clutch housing cover, it cant have been doing your gear changes any favours[:dance1:]

Took mine into garage to sort out cruciform since was having same problem with gears and I’ve not the space/time to do myself…

They tell me engine is shot inside, needs totally new clutch (had to drill the old one off due to a previous dodgy mechanic!) primary gear needed rebuilding, new rings/bearings/seals you name it…

needless to say that all cost a fair bit - a price willing to pay AS LONG AS IT MEANS I HAD A DECENT SCOOTER AT LAST…

Took it for a spin but was still slipping out of gear - took it back to same garage and picked it up next day with another bill for 50 quid and a new selector box!

it ‚seems‘ to have sorted the skipping gear problem but its now as though I am having to force the cruciform along the shaft - metal catching on metal feeling - in order to change gear at all… I often have to ‚double clutch‘ in order to get through the gears…

Am taking it back again tomorrow - doing my head in - can Vespa’s really be as badly designed as this?


PS - does anyone know Gaz7 on here? he ordered an XT2000 along with mine but has since gone into hiding… If he b***s me out then if anyone else is interested in the part?

apologies for previous longwinded monologue!

BUT - just to add to it

*************!! CLUTCH CABLE BROKE THIS MORNING!!! ay yi yi… it was only put on about 2 weeks ago!!! (I think this is the 5th/6th one now)

LITERALLY last thing to change is the clutch cable OUTER - hail johnnyvespa! (the inner had ripped to shreds where it first enters the outer up at the clutch lever itself)

we can but hope…


ya know the nut and bolt that the clutch lever pivots on?
well the hole on the casing that it goes through at the bottom is SEVERLEY oval shaped so the whole lever moves around like its dislocated itself - am told it has worn to this shape/size

is that normal/adding to my problems/fixable?



If you just get problems shifting up and not down I would suspect the clutch, normally caused by warped plain plates. If its either way I would get a new shiftcross (cruciform), not very expensive but time consuming to change.

I’d go for the crusiform[:(]

Maybe that grade of oil is too thick for the gearbox.
Try a set SAE30 grade oil instead.

How long have you been riding a vespa? If you haven’t had it long it may just be a case of getting used to it. That oil should be fine. If you’ve had it for a while and it’s still no good I would suspect the clutch. If the cruciform was worn it would jump out of gear but wouldn’t be „sticky“, if anything it would be easier to get into gear!

Check that the cables are free too. Try it without the selector box cover as the cables may be jammin.

[[:O]] [[:O]] everlastig apologies miss read your last message, so please ignore my reply[:shock2:]
you do get a certain amount of play in hole,but if its excessive you might have to replace the whole lot, i’d try putting in a larger bolt temporarily and try it out[:dance1:]