Stereo to non battry model

i got this problem trying to fit my stereo to my mk1 t5 non battery model
any one know of a plug and play bettery charger for this model

i tried a 5 pin regulator and it keeps blowing the bulbs etc

any help very much appreciated trying to get it done for the i.o.w rally on aug bank hols


Hi !

If you dont connect a battery to the regulator, it will produce too much voltage to the system.Because when a battery i connected it needs that extra voltage to put power in the battery.


Hi !

If you want to use the 5pin regulator/charger you problably have to do some changes to the stator and harness to get it work properly on an non battery model.
I think the easyest way is to use the battery not connected to the t5:s electrical system (only stereo) and then use the two wire charger that you supplied links to,that is if you only intended to pimp your ride with a stereo. [:)]


The SIP link doesn’t give enough information, bit the ScooterRS looks ok.

Again though my opinion is worthless cos I’m no expert.!!!

Hi again…

The two links that you put up is the same thing.
If you have a non battery system, you can connect
the white cable to the stator and the red to the positive
pole on an installed battery to get it charged.
The negative connection on the battery is to chassie.


Not an expert by any means, but if it was blowing bulbs it was probably either faulty or connected incorrectly.

To run a stereo you need either a rectifying regulator or run the battery as a total loss system, where you use the battery until it is discharged, take it off and charge it and then refit.

Hi !

Ok so if i get you right. You want to put a stereo to a Vespa without a battery system ?
A stereo needs a fairly cleen and stable voltage/ampere feed.
So you need to know how much power the stereo will draw from the system, so the coils will cope with it,otherwise they will burn out.
You can not use the battery charger alone to make power for the stereo. It is not enough clean voltage for that. But if you use a battery with the charger then there is no problem to use a stereo. Because the battery is making the voltage cleaner.
And also stores energy for bigger intermittent powersurges.
An other way is to use a secondary voltage regulator with a
big condenser to clean the voltage and also store energy.


i’ve tried the 5 pin regulator and wired it as the diagram
and as advised by beedspeed and allstyles and still blows bulbs
put the original rectifier in and all ok back to its normal self

want i realy want is a charger that will fit the 3 pin rectifier and charge from there beedspeed used to do them but can no longer get them

will this one work
from sip
sip charger thingy

from scooterrs
see charger

please help i’m running out of time


hi m8
thnks for your info

this is exactly what i want to do

i got the battery and tray and also i got stereo not worried about the power will only use it for posing

i got the 5pin regulator and i was going to use that but
do i have to fit the battery to the bike 1st then run the bike to see if it will still blow the lights or am i better to go for the charger as previous links

thanks for your help