Stella good engine?

Hi All,

I just read this on Eddy bullet website about the stalla…

The Stella is fitted with the 150cc reed valve, iron barreled 5 transfer port type as used
in the Indian home market LML NV SPL reed valve. This is not the MK1 T5 engine! But is still good as

Does this mean we can use a cylinder kit on this eg malossi 172?
and get good speed…any views?




So if Cylinder kit fits straight on no prting is required for the stella engine whereas the Piaggio PX125 needs porting?



No,it’s nothing like a T5 motor.

I’ve ridden a friend’s one and it’s very nice and smooth but very underpowered.

Basically it’s a PX motor with bridged port’s to give the „5“ port set up.

As such the Malossi 166 and Polini/Pinasco/DR 177’s will fit right onto it.

Same as any other kitted motor,it will require matching to get the proper benifit of it but I’ve never tried on these motor’s.