Steering column

:stuck_out_tongue: What is the best way to remove the steering column so i can put on a mk1 T5 mudguard and should i paint it black or silver, the same as my scooter[:dance3:]

ps why not fit a mk1 square light t5 horn cover to compliment your new mud guard,only £9. dont forget to order the grille with it too

bloody hell,you must have been typing that the same time as me!
now that is a good idea,reweld bracket! silly me never thought of that,was 10 year ago mind!young and daft!

not really an easy way! depends on wot bike you got!forks have to be dropped out,if you have a disc version could be a bit of a chew,otherwise dead easy!
disc version drain hydraulic system,cable version dis the cable,drop the forks!undo main steering bolt,remove headset,undo steering race and drop the forks,simple as that! honest!

the side holes will not line up.i had a mk1 t5 mudguard fitted to px efl forks(same as t5 classic) it holds ok with the top 3 bolts(tip:replace with stainless steel bolts,so they dont rot,and use nylocks so it dosn’t vibrate loose!)all i did was ground the original px mount off,though not advisable if you want to fit a px mudguard at a later date!a good welder could fill the mud guard hole,all i did though was bolted my tax disc holder through it! hole filled! hope that helps.i must say,give me a mk 1 t5 mud guard over a px one anyday cos they dont rot as easy.

as nel says easy ,only bollox is conectin up your cables again,while your at it why not replace your steerin bearings may as well while its sripped,just a sugestion

:stuck_out_tongue: The column is coming out of a T5 classic, will the hole on the side of the new mudguard line-up with the mounting plate on the side of the steering column ? [:shock2:] Richie

I fitted a mk1 mudguard to my classic and had to get the bracket cut and rewelded further up the fork so to answer your question no it does not line up(on T5 classic anyway)

as for colour,totally up to you! good luck!