Stay still variator!

Ok… Heres the deal. How the Fek do i hold the variator still when i try to undo the nut to take it off?


I have an MBK Nitro and the part of the variator with the teeth is right at the back so i cant grip on to anything. PLease help me before i kick it to pieces!


use a universal holder, looks similar to an oil wrench, strap that tightens when pressures applied. Piece of cake, takes 20 seconds to get it off

Here in the „states“ we are too cheap to buy those fancy tools. On a standard engine with gears, you can lock it up by putting a rag or cloth in the teeth of two gears. To lock our 50cc autos, take the sparkplug out. With piston down, feed one end of a cotton rope into top of piston and remove that nut. Rope will not compress but is soft and no damage. Keep holding the end of rope!!!j Cheers, Ken

[H] ok, i have a nitro as well i ve changed alot on it, one of the parts ive changed was my variator. i puted a doppler vario. works good really good.

any way what u need is to block youre piston, u can just use a spark plug with the same thread but longer it self, just make sure befor unscrewing that the piston is blokt by the sparkplug so that when u start to unscrew u dot bounce the piston to the spark plug not to damage the engine. or u can use special tool that looks like a sparkplug just that on the end it has teflon not to damage the piston.[:smokin:]

LoL i know how you feel. Ive got a Yamaha Aerox - same thing as the Nitro. I use a 'VARIATOR HOLDING TOOL ’ witch locks into the same teeth as the kick start, asumeing both are bikes are the same it should work for you too, heres the address where a ordered it from:

(its about 1/2 way down the page)

The only other way ive been able to get it off with out this tool is with a Air Gun (Windy Gun) but its not easy to get hold of one lol.