Stator problems

I have just created a monster!!! I have a PX (malossi) 166, port matched, 30mm malossi reed kit, comp crank, blagh blagh blagh, all this I have chopped down and stuffed into a small frame!!! yeee haa… anyway I’m itching to get it going and get the run in miles under my belt, I’m just haveing problems with the electrics [:(] The electrics in the frame are PK 12v the rectifier and coil are from the electronic ignition kit from the old PK engine (all fine and working when last used0, The stator is an old PX given by a friend, with an unknown history. I transfered the black box from the PK stator over to the PX one as it was missing on the PX, other then that the wiring is all the same… anyway , there is no spark at all!!![:(] I have stuck a multi meter to the stator conections, I’m presuming as the coils are simply coils of wire there should be no resistance between earth and there output?? the lighting coils show no resistance, whereas the green cable/spark coil (is that right?) shows total resistance. is that the way it should be, or is the coil buggered??

thanks any advice is welcome,


If this is owain from Exeter give us a email or ring,If not eithier try another stator plate!;D