STATOR Problem?

hi just finished bulding up bike, good spark etc but no lights or horn.

I have prodded it with a multimeter and have found the following:

The green (lights & horn) wire does not make a circuit with any of the other wires coming off the stator (Multimeter reads 1 when using Ohms resistance setting) All of the other wires make a circuit with each other but NOT when they are touching the green wire.

As far as I can tell there is also no power coming from the green wire, what could this be and what should I do?

I'm using the 12v conversion kit for old vespas (Bajaj) with aBeedspeed loom (all the electrical components are new)



What wires are coming from stator?

points or electronic?

px or similar, the green would be for the spark,  not electrics, this would be blue(main 12/6 volt) and black(earth)


12v electronic conversion (Bajaj - SIP sell as Art.-no. 50025000)

Wires from stator are:

Green - to regulator

Black to earth

Red Purple & Grey to CDI

Wires on beedspeed loom to match kit are the same colours.

here is the wiring diagram (hope you can read it)


Sorry about long wait for reply! bloody computers!

looking at the diagram,  if your rear brake works it must be getting somthing!

have you tried touching the green wire from the stator to the engine cases to see if you get a spark?(you dont have to run the engine, just take the spark plug out and kick it)

if not you should check the stator for any breaks in the wires, the green should go to one of the lighting coils,which in turn will connect to the next one, and the others in turn, then the last one will be connected to the stator(earthed)

if you are getting a spark from the green,I would then check each part back from the stator,rear brake switch-then horn-then it spurs off into the switch[:|]

hope this helps in any way, its worse as it SHOULD be easy![:D]


Yep no power at green wire, think it's time to get the flywheel off and have a look at the stator...