Start problem on a MotoVespa 150S

When i want to start it in the morning - or when it has been standing for 2hrs+ it wont start.
Then i’m gotta set it in 2 gear and run 30m down the street before the vespa start up - whitout i tuch the throttle and after a moment, i can drive on.

When it is warm, i start in first kick and everything is fine.

I just renovated the bike, so i don’t know how i was before.

Can it be the ignition or the caburator?

Hi nice bike. Try the replaceing the float valve in the carb. It must also have an orange rubber tip not black. Unleaded petrol eats into the old black ones causing flooding. Also make sure you turn off your petrol at night.


like diablo said I would start checking the float needle. Check if the float assembly moves freely…

Cool, thanks.
I’ll tjeck it, the minute i get home ! [:D]