Start a Vespa Primavera 1974 -Help please!

Vintage Vespa ninja?

Help! After 20 hours of spring maintenance putting new parts, watching DIY Youtube videos, reading online forums, and finding out the only mechanic in Helsinki closed, I am asking for help here.

My 1974 primavera does not want to start :frowning: Been checking spark plug and fly wheel but nothing. It almost started but then nothing. After one hour there was excess gasoline on the floor below the carburator. Last spring it also sometimes would just suddenly stop it self while waiting at streetlights. It sometimes started right away, and other times I would just wait a bit, close the gasoline tank, kick it a bit and normally it would start. But I am not 100% sure this is totally related to it not starting now.

I am a bit lost… Any tips would be more than appreciated. Thanks a million!