Standard PX200 Mods

My PX200 as standard will do 75mph with a skinny person on it, about 70mph with me, not so skinny. I am fitting a ScootRS pipe (when it turns up), what mods can I do to the standard piston/ cylinder/ intake to extract a little more, without compromising reliability? Can any porting work be done to the unmodded engine?

It seems to me by fitting 210 kit, carb, crank, clutch, T5 gear, etc. you achieve 90mph top speed until she overheats. So this costs upwards of £500 and you decrease reliability!


There are ways to improve p200 performance with std barrels that involve jack up plates. The piston rings are to brittle to do any porting and theres not much point on a p200 barrel anyway. I have seen a p2 that had a 1.5 mm jack up plate and the same machine off the top of the barrel. This changes the port timings and allows higher top speed. You need to have your cylinder head modifyed as well. It does work but cant be that good or else everyubody would do it. If its a true 70mph youv’e got a fast one anyway.
Best way to get a few mph. T5 4th gear,lightened flywheel and a JL left hand (RZ) or a JL right hand.

Not really because they make power too high up the rev range. I fitted a lh RZ JL pipe from SIP which seemed to work. The rh JL is good too.

Are the Scorpion pipes any good on a P200 ?