Standard barrel performance

hi to all

i was wondering what`s the effect of a sip performance on a standard (brand new,just run in) p200 motor??

relative more power,great power for a standard barrel or a wrecked engine??

any reactions apreciated!

cheers wes[:rotate:] [I)] [:dance1:]


the SIP performance on standard barrel will give you more power, but it doesn’t mean it will be better.
Any expansion will shift the power curve more or less on the high rpm and will suck it away from low ,mid low.
At the end you will have a scooter that will go faster but that to get to the pushing power target you have to stay in the high rpm range. So you will need to shift gear more often.
My advice is not to use real expansion with a standard barrel, they are very expansive and for the same money you can get a barrel kit. And most of the people that I know that used an expansion with standard barrel at the end they regretted it.
You could go for a sito plus. It will give you a little more but your engine will have the same tractability.
In case you want at any cost an expansion I would go for a PM which power curve for the P200 is more mid oriented than the SIP one. SIP one is definetely better on the strong kit Polini or Malossi.