I have 300-400 miles on the Stella,DR177 kit, 24g carb, simonini exhaust. I rejetted to 115 main. Last night I wanted to go fast, so went to a fast road with some friends and all was fine hitting 60-65 miles per hour for a while, adjusting throttle not AlWAYS wide open, and then nothing, no wheel lock (hard seize), just died, no weird noise, had gas, so slowly rolled to side of road. It started right back up no hesitation at all. Any thoughts? I have’nt adjusted timing would this make it die at high speed? Thanks in advance.


it seams you experienced fuel starvation, though rare with 24 carb. Generally it happens with low fuel level, and bigger carbs.
Where you driving on low tank level?

Timing does not make the engine die at high speed but if is not correct killes your engine. Check it well no more advanced then 18.

I was below 1/2 tank or more so maybe that was it. It did seem like the gas stopped. Thanks.