Ss90 style exhaust for px

Hey guys,
I’ve just been perusing ebay as is my want, and I came across a sito plus exhaust for a rally 180. Am I right in thinking that this is the same shape as the ss90 sports exhausts? Also would one of these fit on a px200? I just reckon the shape looks wicked and would love one on a largeframe (sprint with p range engine)

Here is a pic of the offending exhaust

No,it won’t fit and it’s not a SS banana style.

It fit’s in the normal fashion and was made for the Rally 180 only,the 200 has a different position barrel stub.

The only other machine’s it will fit is the GS160 and the SS180.

jesus H christ thats a bit of a monster isnt it?

Cheers mate, pity though, always reckoned the ss90 shaped pipes look the best on a scoot.

Yeah,I know what you mean.

The only one I’ve seen that is anywhere near is this.

Attatched to Oz’s (of Rotax smallframe fame) TS1 barreled,long stroked,T5 motor.