SS180 with weak spark

Hi there I am in the process of restoring my first vespa a 1965 ss180. It only produces a weak spark then once in a while creates a decent one. I was thinking of replacing the condenser and coil and seeing if that improves things. After that I was planning on rewiring the statorplate incase there was any electrical wiring faults.

Other than that has anyone got any advice (apart from buying a newer bike) that I could try. Also can you buy new statorplates for an ss180 or os it possible to modify another model?

Any advice appreciated.



be sure you will like this exhaust!





Hi there,

Thanks for the advice about the spark problem. We changed the points condenser and wiring in the stator plus the coil. I have great spark now. BUt no fuel seems to be getting to the plug. It is bone dry after trying to start it for ages. I have cleaned out the jets. Fuel is flowing from the tank to the carb but does not seem to be getting past the float area.

Any ideas?


Hi there again.

Well I got some help from a mate and we changed the condenser and rewired the statorplate. Once that was done we had great spark. The bike is going great. Just waiting for summer to really get out there and use it. Any ideas for an improved exhaust system?

hello ...


i think the best way is to change the spark, the condenser, the coil and the ignition breaker ...


after this you can try to change the wiring if you want ..


but i think its a problem of the coil ...


better to use parts for your engine...

otherwise you can think about a px engine .... also a good choice !