SS180 with P200 motor questions?


im fitting a P200 motor in my SS180 and wanted to know:

Is the grey brake light switch 'opener' or 'closed' with the PX wiring loom?

and can I fit the old SS180 kickstart quadrant in the PX motor so i could use the original kickstart?

The kickstart I need is the same in Ralf's picture of his blue SS180 restoration

Any help much appreciated



Yo Chris , I 'm currently restoring  a SS180 from 1967 / p200 engine . It's a SS with battery & key on the handlebar  . So the loom is not the p200 ,but a custom one made by a friend .The switch is the "normally closed" kind of. We designed the loom starting on this :

The quadrant I used is a T5 model ,it fits ok with GS/SS kick on pseries .


Have a good ride