SS180 Vespatroic kit: stator wires prevent a good fit on ss180

I just bought a Vespatronic kit from SIP for my SS180.  Everywhere that I read, it says that the kit for the SS180 is a direct fit.  The stator plate does fit well, but once you try to mount the coils, the 5 wrapped wires will not fit under the stator plate in order to rout them behind the plate and then up into the hole in the case.  You can only bend the wires so far before you begin to crack the sealant where the wires are soldered onto the stator. I don't want to cut any of the case away in order to fit the wires behind the stator.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi there. I have been investigating doing an electronic ignition conversion to a VBC Super. You need to purchase a 50011300 "Stator distance plate" - search for the part number. Somewhere on the SIP site it advises this, but unfortunately this advise is not easy to find. Would be good if they supplied the plate with the conversion kit... Let me know how it turns out, as I cannot decide if it is worth all the trouble.. The points setup has lasted 45years so far..